Duct Cleaning Robot? Yes, Please! The Best Robotic Cleaners of 2013

We are well into the 2000s and still waiting for our flying cars, but we’re finally getting some robotic maids! Check out these innovative automatic cleaners. 1. Jetty the Duct-Cleaning Robot Jetty Neovision, a Czechoslovakian company, created this duct-cleaning robot controlled by a joystick. Using its multiple treads, it is easy to maneuver as it uses dry ice to clean up and down the ducts. Watch Jetty in action here: 2. The Ecovacs Window Cleaner This little robot does it all – including windows! Weiging in at just over 4 pounds, the Ecovacs uses suction and disposable cleaning pads and built-in squeegee to roam around even the highest windows, wiping them clean in record time. 3. Robotic Vacuums They’ve been around for a little while now, but these roaming vacuums are getting smarter with age. Now able to navigate around different flooring types as well as your son’s sneakers, they manage to keep your floors clean without getting stuck. They’re also getting much quieter so that they don’t drive your pets insane. Soon you may have a fully self-cleaning house, hopefully a cook and babysitter is on the way. Now, let’s focus on launching our flying cars!

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