Decorating With Sheet Metal: 3 Creative Uses For Sheet Metal

In the era of do-it-yourself inventions, sheet metal is one of the more versatile DIY products that can make the ordinary and mundane into extraordinary within a matter of minutes. Here are just a few of the ways sheet metal can be used. 1. Make a magnetic board It’s easy to turn sheet metal, which is already magnetized into a gorgeous magnetic board, something that can cost lots of moola at the stores. Simply take a piece of sheet metal and tape your favorite decorative paper to the sheet, then frame. It’s as simple as one, two, three, and turns an awkward wall space into a fuctional piece of art. 2. Cover your kitchen cabinets If you love the industrial look of sheet metal, then there’s no better way to bring the urban environment into your home by using sheet metal to recover and refinish your cabinetry. 3. Make a slide For the kid in all of us, what better way to use sheet metal than to make the coolest DIY slide ever? All it takes is some scrap sheet metal, a handy welder, a large open space, and voila! You will have the perfect centerpiece as well as a great conversation starter among guests.   There’s no end to the creative projects you can make with sheet metal. Grab some sheet metal and create your own.

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