Exhaust and Air

UV Hoods & Air Cleaning

Air quality is essential in your kitchen. If you’ve invested in UV hood systems, electrostatic precipitation, ecology filtration, and pollution control systems to help ensure air quality, then you need qualified properly licensed mechanical contractors who can keep these expensive technologies operating at peak capacity for years to come. As the largest provider of air cleaning and UV technology in Clark County, we are home to those contractors.

We leave the kitchen in better condition than when we arrived. Our work is supervised for quality control.

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UV Hood Systems

“We’re proud to be part of an industry whose members continue to invest in the latest technologies. Chief among those are UV systems.”

Efren Reyes, Exhaust Service Field Manager

Nobody knows the value – and expense – of these systems better than we do, so you can rest assured that your UV technology is in the best hands. Western Commercial has the greatest depth of UV technology experience in the Las Vegas Valley. Our understanding of these systems is unmatched, and we’ve developed an industry-leading maintenance and service plan that keeps them operating at full capacity. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, the complicated and sensitive interlocks within UV systems can break down. Not only does this lead to expensive repairs, but you could also expose your staff and guests to fire and safety hazards. With routine cleaning by our experienced professionals, you’ll minimize this risk and maximize the life of the system you’ve invested in. We follow all manufacturer guidelines and make further recommendations customized to your kitchen. Your specific system and volume of cooking will define your plan, and we will create it with your budget parameters in mind.

Electrostatic Precipitators

electro4 The value of clean – As the only Trion authorized repair dealer in Las Vegas you can be sure that your pollution control unit will be maintained to factory ready condition. To ensure safety and cleanliness in your rooftop areas and mechanical rooms, your electrostatic precipitator should be cleaned routinely. We’ll tailor a customized program to you, so you can be sure that you’re never investing too much in maintenance – or not enough. Along the way, we’ll provide inspection reports so you can head off potential troubles before they become major issues. Part of our custom program involves the periodic removal and cleaning of the cells in our in house recirculating tank. A service not often found with many cleaning companies.

The right tools for the right job

g510-sm We’re always certain to equip our technicians with the right tools for the job. A big part of that is the right cleaning products. At Western Commercial, we are the only Nevada distributor of the industry’s leading water wash hood soap product, Gaylord G-510. There is, quite simply, no better cleaner in the industry. Developed specifically for water-aided kitchen systems, Gaylord G-510 is the safest way to keep your technology under warranty. As part of this warranty, Western Commercial will wash all sub-components free of charge, and even repair some components if there is a breakdown*.

Our Certifications

We’re proud to be certified by the leading manufacturers in the business:
  • First Captive Aire – We are Captive Aire’s chosen provider of services on CORE and pollution control units
  • Halton – Our technicians are certified by this leading manufacturer of technologies that control kitchen environments
  • Caddy – We’re certified by one of the nation’s foremost makers of kitchen ventilation systems
  • Firemaster – We’re fully certified by this maker of state-of-the-art fire protection products
  • Vent Master – All techs are trained and certified to repair and install these leading air-flow technologies
  • SmogHog – We are certified to install and repair these institutional wet particulate air filtration systems
  • Trion – Our technicians have completed the certification process to install and service all Trion kitchen air quality systems

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