No company knows exhaust systems better than Western Commercial Services. We have the finest team of exhaust cleaning professionals ever assembled. In Nevada, the State Fire Marshal requires that your kitchen exhaust system be cleaned by a properly licensed company and have a State Licensed technician on site throughout the entire cleaning process to certify that it has been cleaned properly. When you hire Western Commercial Services we always exceed the standards.

We’re proud to serve the finest restaurants and resorts in Las Vegas, with our unique approach to cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. Here’s how:


“Hood Cleaning” is certainly a part of what we do – removing the grease and flammable residue from the hood in your kitchen is where we start for a complete kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Exhaust cleaning service provides cleaning for the kitchen hood, the internal areas of the connecting ductwork, and cleaning of the exhaust fan and immediate roof area.


All of our exhaust service crews include technicians that are certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association. We use the latest technology along with our photo verification systems. We make sure your facility is in compliance with NFPA.

No one has been cleaning kitchen exhaust system in Las Vegas longer than Western Commercial Services.

We clean the entire kitchen exhaust system – Hoods, Ducts, and Fans – to meet or exceed Nevada State Fire Marshal Codes, Local jurisdictional codes, IFC codes, NFPA 96 codes, and the International Fire Code recognized required standard for cleaning – the IKECA ANSI C10 Standard.

  • Fan Repair/Replace
  • Air Filtration
  • Swamp Coolers
  • MUA – Make Up Air
  • UV Lighting
  • Rooftop Grease Containment
  • Access Panels – Trained Technicians to Properly Install UL Listed Assemblies


As members of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association for over twenty years, Western Commercial Services has been a leader in developing and raising the standards of cleaning improving safety and protecting life and property.

Western Commercial Services | IKECAOur company has served IKECA, a not for profit trade association, as members investing our time and resources to raising the standards for kitchen exhaust cleaning. Our company is uniquely honored to have had Jeff Morris serve as Treasurer, Vice President, and President of IKECA. Jeff has served a combined total of sixteen years as a member of the IKECA and on the Board of Directors. He currently sits on the board of ANSI.

Western Commercial Services knows and helps set the standard for how kitchen exhaust cleaning service should be. Our team of exhaust technicians have an average of over ten years of experience. They are the best trained, best equipped, best supported and cared for team of exhaust service technicians in Las Vegas. We care for our technicians so they can care for your exhaust system.

Unique to the Western Commercial Service experience is the fact that all of our service technicians are backed by our entire team of experts. When a technician detects an issue or observes something in your system that doesn’t look right – we can fully investigate and provide you with solutions instead of simply reporting or ignoring problems.

Proper cleaning dramatically reduces the risk of fire in your kitchen, and in addition you will experience increased air quality because a clean system operates with maximized air flow. While we’re cleaning your system, we’ll also help identify potential maintenance issues so you’re not surprised by them later. This is all part of our ANSI C-10 compliance.


The State of Nevada Fire Marshall has been among the most proactive to implement regulation to ensure fire safety. Your kitchen hoods are likely a part of a Type I Kitchen Exhaust System and are thereby required to be properly inspected and cleaned by an individual or team licensed by the State of Nevada and employed by a company which carries licensure from the State of Nevada as well as holding licenses within your local jurisdiction.

Nevada Revised Statutes mandate that a State Licensed technician must be present on site the entire service to oversee the cleaning and personally certify the system has been cleaned properly.

Western Commercial Services ensures our organization is in compliance with ever improving and updating regulatory code. This means our clients are also kept in compliance.


Our State of the art cloud based record keeping system provides our clients with instant access to their photo library demonstrating their service quality as well as their service records. With state of the art scheduling and dispatching as well as GPS tracked teams and vehicles you can be sure that the team will arrive on time every time.

When it comes to quality of work, we let our pictures do the talking. We take both “before” and “after” service photos. Our clients are able to see the difference and know that Western Commercial Services has thoroughly cleaned the entire system according to the strictest standards.

Our hands-on approach is literally just that. Our company does not rely on steam cleaning or power washing alone. When safety permits, our technicians enter your ductwork to scrape the system by hand, apply cleaning chemicals, and finally power washing the system. There is no substitute for this level of thoroughness and at Western Commercial Services we sum it up as Clean Means Clean.