The 4 Simple Benefits of Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

Maintenance is a controversial process and task. The smartest of us know that maintaining our systems of operations is essential in making sure that our systems function properly which in the long run, saves us money. Something as simple as keeping your system’s air ducts clean can make sure your system runs properly before you have bigger issues in the future. But often, we don’t take care of our air conditioners or heating systems until there’s a problem, and once that happens, solving the problem can be a lot more expensive. And don’t think that you have believe that Chicago or Las Vegas duct cleaning is more essential because of the windy weather. Dust, mold, and allergens you can’t even see can gather in your air ducts regardless of where you live. So if you need to know why keeping your air ducts clean is important, here are five benefits:

1. Maintaining Your System’s Life

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 central air conditioning and heating systems breakdown or fail to work because they weren’t maintained properly. Keeping your air ducts clean will help your system run properly and not work as hard because of clogging. And when it comes to an HVAC system, replacement parts can cost thousands of dollars, so keep ’em clean!

2. Good For Your Heath

A dirty system can contribute to sickness for the occupants of your facility, especially suffers of asthma or different allergies. Clean air ducts can dramatically reduce amounts of allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dirt, dust, pet dander and rodent/insect droppings which can be found inside of the air in your facility.

3. Saves You Money

When it comes to expensive air conditioning and heating systems, saving money on maintenance is a welcome benefit. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that if you remove as little as .4 inches of dust from your cooling system coils, it can reduce your energy consumption up to 21 percent. And that doesn’t include the nightmare of spending you will be facing if the system breaks down because the air ducts aren’t cleaned regularly.

4. The Smell in the Air

The musty smell in the air you may be experiencing can possibly come from a clogged, dirty air duct. If not cleaned regularly, the allergens inside of the ducts can be released into the air in your home and give off an awful smell. Dust, toxins (mildew, rodent droppings, etc.), and allergens that build in your air ducts can produce a terrible smell in your home, so clean it out and help improve the air quality in your facility.   There are the main and most simple benefits to keeping your air ducts clean. Maintaining a clean system can be as easy as keeping them clean, so consider these benefits and leave comments below.  

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