July 10, 2021

Leave the Air Duct Cleaning to the Professionals

If you are thinking about doing the air duct cleaning at your restaurant or place of business, you might want to think again. Duct cleaning is […]
July 3, 2013
Western Commercial | Sheet Metal, Refrigeration, and Freezers -- Oh My

Sheet Metal, Refrigeration, and Freezers — Oh My

Sheet Metal, Refrigeration, and Freezers — Oh My Restaurant folks, you know the drill.  We’ve got what you need: walk-in refrigerator installation/repair refrigeration rack system service […]
June 24, 2013

Why Restaurants Need Refrigeration Service

The Southern Nevada Health District conducts unannounced inspections of restaurants and food establishments at least once a year, making professional grade refrigeration service a necessity. Good […]
June 17, 2013

Duct Tales: 7 Facts you Need to Know About Air Quality

Air duct cleaning is a careful process that removes dirt and debris from a home’s duct system. Professionals clean dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria from the […]
June 10, 2013
Western Commercial | Jeff Morris CECSCESI

Preventing and Eliminating Sheet Metal Rust

Preventing and Eliminating Sheet Metal Rust Rust prevention is the easiest way to keep sheet metal in top condition. Constant inspections and attention to detail are […]
June 7, 2013

5 Foods That Don’t Do Well With Refrigeration

It’s a widely accepted notion that food always stays fresher longer if it’s refrigerated. However, some things are better left at room temperature. Here are five […]
June 5, 2013

Hood Cleaning can Prevent Grease Fires

Are you concerned about grease fires when cooking up greasy foods? If you enjoy cooking as a pastime, but often find yourself suffering from grease burns, […]
June 3, 2013

Is There Mold in Your Air Ducts?

People with mold allergies may exhibit symptoms that include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Mold can grow in air ducts if moisture is allowed […]
May 21, 2013

Getting Creative with Sheet Metal

There are a number of techniques to craft sheet metal into one-of-a-kind products in design, architecture, and endless varieties of artwork.