Western Commercial Services: Hood Cleaning In Las Vegas

We, at Western Commercial Services understand how essential air quality is to your establishment’s kitchen, which is why we offer the best UV hood cleaning services in Las Vegas. If you’ve made the investment in a UV hood system, regular maintenance by a qualified technician is essential to your business.

Restaurant Hood Cleaners in Las Vegas

When it comes to restaurant hood cleaners in Las Vegas businesses can count on Western Commercial, the best for many reasons. From satisfied employees to superior practices, we have what is needed to keep your equipment in great condition and your business in compliance.

Kitchen Exhaust Las Vegas

Ventilation hoods in restaurant kitchens are designed to remove cooking smells and grease from the kitchen, but over time, much of the grease pulled from the hood builds up on the walls of the duct system. In some places the build up is so severe that fire sprinkler heads are completely blocked. Trapped grease may also cause a fire if enough heat reaches the exhaust system. If you have a Las Vegas restaurant or resort, you are required to have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned. We at Western Commercial Services clean your kitchen exhaust in Las Vegas to help you comply with local regulations and make your restaurant or resort kitchen safer and cleaner.

Restaurant Ductwork In Las Vegas

Do you need restaurant ductwork in Las Vegas? Western Commercial Services is experienced at cleaning grease from ducts, hoods and fans. We have been servicing the finest restaurants and resorts since 1955.

Commercial Duct Cleaners in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some of the most fabulous restaurants and resorts in the world. The amount of visitors to the city continues to grow each year, and the local people love the limelight that Las Vegas offers. All of the great restaurants and resorts need to do all that they can to keep their businesses running as efficiently and safely as possible. One of the key components to having an excellent restaurant is cleanliness. We are the premiere commercial duct cleaners in Las Vegas.