How to Find Out About Hood Cleaning Chemicals and Products

Find out what types of products are used in commercial hood cleaning, and make sure the products are effective and safe.

What You Need to Know About Hood Cleaning Products

Hood cleaning companies are subject to various state and local laws, EPA regulations, and industry standards. Technicians are highly trained and state certified to ensure that your business maintains a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers. Businesses looking for excellent service often overlook, or are unaware, of the importance of high-quality chemicals and cleaning solutions. Be sure to ask about the efficacy and quality of the products, as well as the quality of service, when inquiring about hood cleaning in Las Vegas.

Effective Cleaning Products

You not only want to know if the hood cleaning products are effective, but also how they work. The chemicals should be strong enough to efficiently break down and remove burned, stuck-on foods. The better products are usually colloidal multi-purpose solutions that remove long-standing grease deposits and easily break apart and remove dirt particles and residue.

Equipment and Environmental Safety

While the cleaning solutions should be strong and effective, they should also be safe for your equipment, your employees, and the environment. Ask your hood cleaning contractor if their chemicals are safe for the rubber and synthetic components in your exhaust system. If your equipment is under warranty, make sure that your contract can use cleaners that are recommended and approved by your manufacturer. Also, ask if they use only EPA approved products. A responsible contractor will use products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-flammable. You’ll want to be sure that your equipment remains safe for your employees to use after cleaning. You’ll also want to make sure that, after cleaning, your facility will be toxic fumes and fire hazards, ensuring employee and customer safety.

Follow Your Manufacturer’s Recommendations

There are as many cleaning solutions as there are commercial and restaurant hood and exhaust systems. Know your manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, ask your hood cleaning contractor what products they use and if they support your manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure that your contractor uses products that will keep your equipment in optimal sanitary and operating condition.