Why Restaurants Need Refrigeration Service

The Southern Nevada Health District conducts unannounced inspections of restaurants and food establishments at least once a year, making professional grade refrigeration service a necessity. Good management practices like proper refrigeration are important to maintain appropriate restaurant maintenance. Health inspections place emphasis on risk factors that could potentially lead to foodborne illness, such as improper or inadequate refrigeration. inside the walk-in refrigerator Inspection findings can result in a grade of A, or downgraded to B or C. A lower grade means an excessive amount of violations or imminent health hazards, and can result in closure of the restaurant. Inspections give a snapshot of the state of the restaurant at the time of inspection. Later inspections may reveal better cleanliness of an establishment, or new violations since the last inspection. The safety of patrons and viability of your restaurant depends on keeping a clean business, which begins with a safe fridge. Main photo by liz west

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