Why is Exhaust Cleaning so Important for Las Vegas Restaurants?

Exhaust cleaning in Las Vegas restaurants is often called hood cleaning and it’s the process of eliminating the grease that builds up in the ducts, fans, vents and other parts of your kitchen exhaust system. Commercial kitchens need regular exhaust cleaning for many reasons. Here are a few of the reasons why Las Vegas restaurants should regularly have their hoods cleaned. Clean Exhaust Hood

Fire Hazard

If you leave your exhaust system uncleaned, it could cause all types of issues. With enough grease built up, these systems can become a fire hazard very quickly. Not only will the hoods become a fire hazard, but they will also violate fire codes, if let unclean. This could cause your kitchen to be shut down by a fire official if you’re inspected.

Poor Air Quality

An unclean exhaust system will cause lower air quality in the kitchen. This can become a hazard not only to workers, but also to your customers. When the hoods cannot do their job, dangerous particles can escape into the restaurant air. Your staff and customers could become sick all because you didn’t schedule regular exhaust cleaning.

Insurance Issues

If you’re hoods don’t remain clean, you could be violating your insurance policy. Insurance companies require restaurants to remain in compliance with fire safety codes. When you violate these codes, you may lose your insurance or you may see your premiums increase. Imagine if your restaurant caught on fire because of greasy hoods and your insurance didn’t cover the damage. This could become your reality, if you don’t keep your hoods clean and follow the fire safety codes.

Why is a Professional Exhaust Cleaning Service in Las Vegas the Best Choice?

When you hire an exhaust cleaning company in Las Vegas, you gain many benefits. This type of professional company can help with many things including:
  • Keeping you in compliance with fire codes
  • Save you and your employees time
  • Help with any repair issues
  • Will provide the deep cleaning you need
Your kitchen hood system is a very intricate system. It’s designed with many parts and it’s not easy to clean. Without a professional exhaust cleaning service, you may not be able to get the deep cleaning you need. A professional cleaning company will know exactly what type of cleaner to use and how to clean your system. If you want to make sure your Las Vegas restaurant remains in compliance with fire codes, you need a professional exhaust cleaning service. Clean hoods will ensure the best air quality and you won’t have to worry about ever violating your insurance policy.