What are the Pros and Cons of UV Hood Cleaning in Las Vegas?

UV hoods started to show up in United States restaurants around the year 2000. They are a bit new, but they are one of the most popular choices for a commercial kitchen. These systems help to keep the kitchen air clean and safe. Here are a few of the pros and a few of the cons of using a professional UV hood cleaning service in Las Vegas.


Cleaning the UV hood system in your kitchen will provide many benefits. These systems trap grease and oil during the cooking process and keep it from making the air harmful to customers and employees. When the hoods are cleaned regularly, your restaurant will gain many benefits. Using UV hoods provides a cost-effective solution and regular cleaning will ensure you get the most out of your exhaust system. UV systems use less electricity than a traditional system, which helps a restaurant save money on the power bill. However, the savings will decrease, if this type of system isn’t properly cleaned on a regular basis. With regular cleaning, the UV hoods can perform the way they are supposed to perform. This type of system will keep your restaurant air clean and will remain safe, if cleaned regularly.


The one con discussed most about the UV hood systems is the fact that it’s more expensive to clean these systems. However, manufacturers say these systems only need cleaned twice a year compared to four times a year for traditional systems. Since the UV systems don’t require as much maintenance, the additional cost per cleaning still doesn’t equal the cost for cleaning a traditional system every year. A trained technician will be able to keep the UV system clean and working properly without as much work as a traditional system requires. UV hood systems come with many pros and only one con. However, the one con these systems come with is really just a big myth. These systems are more economical to clean and they don’t require nearly as much power compared to a traditional system. Whether you use a traditional exhaust system or you prefer a UV hood system, cleaning is vital to your success. Regular hood cleaning will keep your commercial kitchen safe and will help to prevent fires. Schedule regular UV hood cleaning and you will be able to protect your Las Vegas restaurant.