What Are the Advantages of Commercial Duct Cleaning

Homeowners and business owners like to cut corners. Any time they can do a task on their own, it is an opportunity to save a few bucks. Cleaning ducts is something that both business owners and homeowners are likely to try to do on their own. After all, do you really need to hire a company to clean them for you? The truth is: there are a lot of benefits to commercial duct cleaning. before and after duct photos Did you know that indoor air pollution is recognized as the fourth top environmental threat in the United States according to the Environmental Protection Agency? Every single time your heating and air conditioning system is operating, pollution from outside is being drawn into the ducts and into your home. After a while, these pollutants build up and can cause serious problems in your home. Some of these contaminates include tobacco smoke, dust mites, mold, chemicals, allergens, animal dander, bacteria, and carbon monoxide. Do you really want these contaminates hanging around in the ducts of your home or place of business? Commercial duct cleaning can help.

Reduces the Amount of Dust

The duct system in your home or place of business is a breeding ground for dust. If you or anyone is allergic to dust, having your ducts professionally cleaned could do wonders for their allergies.

Improves Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that the air inside of a home or business establishment can be 70 times more polluted than the air outside. Do you really like knowing that the air you are breathing inside of your home or place of business is worse than the air outside? No one does! Professional duct cleaners can remove fungus, mold spores, bacteria, pollen, and pet dander from your duct system which will do wonders for your air quality. If you have asthma or allergies, you will notice an amazing improvement after the cleaning has been completed.

Saves Both Energy and Money

The only thing better than saving money is getting to save energy too. That is just what professional duct cleaning is going to offer you. Did you know that a buildup of a fifth of an inch of dirt in your air ducts can reduce the energy efficiency of your home or business establishment by 20 percent? Think of all the money you are going to save on your energy bill! The number one advantage to having your duct system cleaned is the fact that it extends the life of both your heating and cooling systems.