Tips to Having a Smoke-Free Kitchen

Keeping a commercial kitchen properly vented helps to keep it cooler, but it also helps with preventing dangerous kitchen fires.

A Few Tips to Having a Smoke-Free Kitchen

When you are running a kitchen, you understand the importance of venting the steam from the stove. It gets extremely hot in the kitchen, but if you do not have a proper ventilation system set up, then you will be risking a fire. Here are a few tips that you will aid in keeping the smoke away and your kitchen a safer place.

Hood Sizing

It is extremely important to make sure that you have a hood that is large enough for your oven. If you are requiring your hood to handle too much work, it will quickly become overloaded. Make sure that you regularly check your hood for efficiency to see that it can handle the equipment you have running. In addition, if you upgrade your oven, double check to make sure your current hood can handle the newer appliance.

Keep it Clean

In addition to having a hood that is of the proper size, it is vital to have it completely clean. As your hood is turned on and working, it will be gathering grease and other particles that collect in the vapors. These particles will stick to the filters and need to be cleaned. Not only will clogged filters make the hood inefficient, it also becomes a fire hazard. While it is good to get in and clean it yourself every week, it is also a good idea to schedule a hood cleaning with a Las Vegas company every few months for a deep clean.

Watch the Air

The most important part of knowing how your hood is working in the kitchen is to watch the air. If you begin to notice a haze, then it is best to call for a deep cleaning to be performed. They will also be the ones who can train your kitchen staff on the proper ways to clean the hood so you will have an efficient kitchen.