Thinking About Purchasing A Kitchen Exhaust System?

For most restaurants, a hood is an important part of their kitchen appliances. It’s important to choose one that is appropriate for your needs in the kitchen. This accessory makes up part of the kitchen exhaust system, which takes out fumes and other unpleasant smells lurking in your kitchen. If you are deciding between exhaust systems, you will have to base your decision on what type of kitchen you have. Here are some things you need to consider when shopping for a kitchen hood or exhaust system.


Think about what type of meals you will be preparing in your kitchen. If your hood will purely be acting as a source to pull out heat and condensation, then you are set to go with what is known as a Type II Hood. If you will be using things such as grills or fryers, then you will need a Type I system. This setup is more equipped to care for foods that produce a lot of grease or other additives that will be released into the air. The way your kitchen is designed will also dictate the type of hood you need to purchase. You will have a choice of single or double canopy hoods, which are designed for kitchens that have islands. A wall canopy hood will run the length of the cooking area, which will fit the design of your kitchen.


All hoods contain a filter, which along with the hood, will need to be cleaned periodically. In order for the hood to work efficiently, the cooking area and the hood itself will need to be clean. You want to keep grease from building up, as this could cause the hood filter to clog. Air will not be able to properly flow if the hood is not cleaned regularly. Keep this in mind when shopping for a kitchen hood. Ask about hood cleaning in Las Vegas, so you know the maintenance that is involved before purchasing. This will help save you time in the future when figuring out what to do to keep your kitchen exhaust system functioning properly.


We all want to save some money, but going cheap isn’t always the best answer. You really need to consider what type of system will work most efficiently in your kitchen. Also, consider how much it will cost to maintain the system properly. All these factors will help you determine the right system for your kitchen. For more information on kitchen hoods, give us a call today at (702) 384-7907.