The Importance of Keeping Your Oven Hood Clean

Keeping the hood over a restaurant’s oven clean can go a long way in maintaining the kitchen’s function, appearance, cleanliness, and ability to pass a health inspection.

Reasons to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Restaurant Oven Hoods

The hood to an oven can be one of the most neglected fixtures in your restaurant’s kitchen. When you fail to keep it in good condition, you invite risks to your kitchen’s cleanliness and appearance. These reminders can give you the motivation to carry out regular cleaning of your oven’s hood so that your kitchen stays clean, functional, and able to pass any health inspector’s scrutiny.

Keeping Fire Risks in Check

Your oven’s hood gathers grease and oil from cooking. When you allow this residue to build up, you create a fire hazard in your kitchen. You can eliminate this risk of fire by wiping down your hood with mild soap and water each day. You can also use a multi-purpose surface cleaner to remove residue that builds up because of everyday cooking and baking. For more thorough cleaning, you would do well to retain professional hood cleaning services.

Improving the Kitchen’s Appearance

When your hood over your oven grows dingy and dirty, it becomes a focal point upon which others cannot help but stare. Even if everything else in your kitchen is clean, your dirty hood will point out that you neglected at least one area of your restaurant. You can improve the way your kitchen looks by keeping the hood free from grease, oil, cooking stains, and other unsightly build-up that accrues from cooking and baking.

Passing a Health Inspection

Health inspectors are well-known for inspecting every nook and cranny in a restaurant’s kitchen. When you want to pass every inspection with an A grade and no required follow-up visit, you must remember to clean your oven’s hood. If you are called out on your hood’s maintenance or you want to ensure that it is as clean as it can be, you can hire a professional service to sanitize the hood for you. Proper cleaning of your oven’s hood can make a significant impact on your restaurant kitchen’s appearance and safety.