The Condition of Your Hood Can Affect Dining Experiences

The hood is a vital component in any kitchen as it has multiple functionalities. By keeping this unit maintained, you can affect the quality of the experience of your patrons.

Are You Providing the Best Service for Your Customers?

While preparation of the food is a vital component in delivering a quality dining experience, the hood within the kitchen is capable of altering how patrons view your establishment. As this unit controls many different aspects regarding the restaurant, it’s imperative that it remains cleaned and well cared for. If the functionality of the hood is diminished in any capacity, visitors to your location may be able to tell the difference while eating.

Filtration and Exhaust

The purpose of filtration devices within the hood is to catch airborne particulates that are either unsightly or capable of creating cross contamination of products. This can alter the air quality of the restaurant was well as surrounding areas. If your establishment deals in large amounts of oil-based food products, the evaporated oils can condense on surfaces within the establishment. This not only traps dust and dirt on those surfaces, but it can also cause problems with electronics and computer systems. Some airborne particulates may change the actual taste of prepared foods. Without proper hood cleaning, food can have an altered taste. Filtration systems help remove these particles, allowing patrons to taste the food as it was intended. For example, many people can quickly taste sugar simply by opening the container. These microscopic air chemicals can modify how food tastes.

Safety from Hood Fires

Hood fires are not unheard of and can start in much the same way as chimney fires. An excessive amount of debris can make for perfect kindling which can put your staff and guests at great risk. Without a proper suppression system, fires can cause irreparable damage to a facility. In addition to the monetary inconvenience, it can also take a long time for the smell of a fire to dissipate, especially if wall damage has occurred. This can be an instant turn-off for customers, reducing your capacity to serve the public.

A Clean Establishment for Enhanced Dining

Most patrons want to eat in a clean establishment. As the hood plays a role in the general atmosphere of the location, it’s in your best interest to keep it maintained. Give your customers ideal conditions and make sure your kitchen is in perfect order at all times.