Six Tips for Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

Kitchen fire protection for your Las Vegas restaurant is a necessary function. Working within the kitchen can be dangerous and a fire may cause many issues for the business. With the right tips and a little common sense, you can avoid any fire hazards found within your kitchen. kitchen on fire

Proper Clothing

Chefs and other workers in the kitchen should always wear the right type of clothing. Long, flowing sleeves should not be worn and aprons or chef jackets should always be used to protect your employees.

Watch Towels and Other Kitchen Items around Stovetops

Often, kitchen fires are caused by carelessness, such as a towel being left too close to the stovetop. Make sure your chefs and kitchen workers understand how important it is to keep flammable items away from stovetops.

Fire Safety Training

A very important part of your kitchen fire protection program is the right training. All kitchen employees should go through training for fire safety. This will ensure all your workers are on the same page and your kitchen staff is properly trained to handle small fires before they become an issue and prevent fires, as well.

A Clean Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to prevent kitchen fires is with regular cleaning. Your staff needs to keep up with cleaning, but that may not be enough. Complying with fire safety codes is important and part of the code requires hood cleaning. A professional company is the best choice for your exhaust system cleaning.

Check all Electrical Cords Regularly

A damaged electrical cord can be overlooked and it might cause a fire. When your employees are cleaning, make sure they check the cords of the microwaves and other appliances. If they find any damage, make sure it remains unplugged and it’s addressed as soon as possible.

Prepare to Put out Small Fires

Part of the training you should provide for kitchen employees should cover how to put out fires. Not every kitchen fire is the same and sometimes, you have to know how to handle the fire. Grease fires cannot be put out with water and a fitted lid over a stovetop fire can put it out quickly. Prepare your staff to put out small fires and you can easily prevent larger fires. Kitchen fire protection is vital to your business. Make sure the proper cleaning, training and other preventative measures are followed to protect both your business and your employees.