Save an Action Hero, Clean Your Air Ducts

The air duct – circulator of air by day, secret passageway for heros by night. Air ducts usually carry out their daily duties quietly behind the scenes, but according to Hollywood, they are major plot devices that serve as escape routes, hideouts, and other important roles in cinema. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable air duct scenes in cinema history. 1: Toy Story If it weren’t for air ducts, toys would be seen walking around in broad daylight. Buzz and the gang used the air ducts to save Woody, conduct conferences, and move from room to room. 2: Die Hard In true action hero style, Bruce Willis uses the air ducts to move about a building undetected by the enemy. 3: Jurassic Park Dr. Grant and company escape from the claws of a gang of raptors by crawling up through the air vent in the climax of the movie. Unfortunately, the raptors also found their way up there, but not before the crew escapes into the main lobby of the park’s entrance. 4: Mission Impossible Tom Cruise dangles precariously from the top of a squeaky clean air duct (nearly face planting in the process). 5: S.W.A.T. Colin Farrell hides in the air vents during a bank robbery amid a key plot twist during the movie. 6: The Negotiator Samuel L. Jackson uses the air vents as a means of escape from a cloud of tear gas sent out by police officers. 7: Austin Powers The International Man of Mystery uses the air duct system to sneak about Dr. Evil’s lair. 8: The Simpsons (TV): Lard of The Dance In this episode of The Simpsons Homer and Bart get into a grease collecting venture. Eventually they happen upon Groundskeeper Willie’s stash of grease, and an epic battle ensues. What do all of these air ducts have in common? They are all in pristine condition. What would happen if an action hero needed to find a quick escape through your air ducts? Do an action hero a favor; keep your air ducts clean. For duct cleaning in Las Vegas, contact Western Commercial at (702) 384-7907.

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