How To Prepare Your Restaurant Staff For A Fire

A fire can be catastrophic for your business: destroying materials, closing your shop (even if only temporarily), and putting your staff at risk. While a good insurance plan is your best bet, you can train your staff to be prepared for fires.

Powering down

Every shift should have at least one staff member who knows how to shut off the gas and electrical power in case of any emergency, including a fire.

Know where to go

You should have an evacuation plan. Each shift should have a designated evacuation manager who has thorough knowledge of the plan and is tasked with calling 911 during emergencies. Everyone should know where the nearest exit is located, and exit plans should be clearly displayed.

Emergency training

New employees should be brought up to speed on evacuation procedures and shown the location of fire safety equipment. Veteran staff members should receive a refresher course every year. In emergencies, a well-trained staff could make all the difference between a catastrophic fire with potential loss of life and a temporary hiatus in your business. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of restaurant fires, so ensuring that your equipment is in top condition can save you a lot of hassle. To schedule a hood cleaning, contact Western Commercial at (702) 384-7907.