Make Sure Your Staff is Trained in Fire Prevention

Practicing fire safety is important in all industries, especially the restaurant business. Some industries require staff to undergo special fire safety training, as fires are more likely to occur. Properly educating your staff can save many lives, as well as your business from burning down. However, there are many people who simply just hit the surface material when it comes to fire safety. What these individuals fail to realize is that a fire can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to learn all of the key factors of fire safety when conducting training. Here are some tips that could help you save your life and the lives of all your staff members in case of a fire.


When a fire begins to become more than a small flame, it will be vital for staff members to evacuate themselves, customers and other employees immediately. An evacuation blueprint is essential to fire safety training. This plan should be reinstated frequently, so all staff members know the plan efficiently. It is also important that the training and reinstatement be documented, so you are aware of which employees still need fire training.


Properly storing items could keep a fire from occurring in the first place. It may seem trivial, but it is very important that all staff understand where things need to be stored and why it is important that they are stored properly. Storage should be broken into flammable chemicals and flammable materials. Storing flammable chemicals should always be done in receptacles that are free of holes and sealed tightly. They should also be stored in an area that is vented and should not be close to food and other supplies. Materials that are flammable need to be kept away from all cooking areas, as well as spaces that have heat, machinery or electrical wiring. These materials include cardboard, linens, pallets and much more.


There are many reasons why it is important to keep a cooking area clean. One huge reason is because it can significantly reduce your chances of a fire. Dirty cooking surfaces happen to be the number one cause of restaurant fires, which is why proper cleaning is a must. The hood over the cooking area requires regular cleaning, since the hood will get clogged up with all the grease and grime that comes with cooking. The hood filter can get clogged, which has a great potential to start a fire. Hood cleaning is a simple task that can save your staff, customers and business. For more information on proper cleaning and fire prevention tips, give us a call today at (702) 384-7907.