Keeping Your Hood Clean Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Hood cleaning is one of the best steps you can take to keep your hood operating well.

Hood Cleaning Is Necessary for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

In a commercial kitchen environment, the activity of cooking and preparing food often releases carbon monoxide and unhealthy particulates into the air. This may be caused by cooking with natural gas or other fossil fuels, and it may be caused by using wood-burning stoves, certain types of cooking oils in food preparation and more. Hood cleaning in Las Vegas keeps your kitchen’s hood working in great shape so that it can help you to remove these particulates and noxious gases from the environment.

How Hood Cleaning Helps

One of the primary purposes of a commercial hood is to pull air from the kitchen up and out of the space. Hoods designed for use in a commercial cooking environment generally have an excellent filtration system built into them, and they will trap some of the particulates while also removing carbon monoxide gas from the air. Generally, a hood should be turned on when any cooking activities in the kitchen are being conducted. This means that your kitchen’s hood may be run for many long hours each day, and it can become incredibly dirty over this period.

When to Schedule Hood Cleaning

Hoods must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they can continue to do their job for you and your kitchen staff. The filtration system as well as the duct inside the hood can easily become filthy, and a professional crew that has been specially trained to restore the condition of your hood can assist you with this effort. The frequency of hood cleaning is based on the type of hood that you have as well as how frequently you use it, but at minimum, this should be completed several times per year.