How to Safely Set Up a Christmas Tree and Decorative Lights

Christmas trees and holiday lights look beautiful, but they can present a safety hazard and increase the risk of a fire if they are not properly set up and installed. These tips can help to keep your business safe from holiday decoration hazards.

Safe Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Putting up a Christmas tree, holiday lights, wreaths, garlands and other seasonal decorations is a festive way to decorate your business and celebrate the season with your employees, customers and guests. Care and attention are needed with many of these decorations in order to avoid safety hazards such as fires. In addition to using professional fire suppression services for your Las Vegas business, these tips will help keep your business safe throughout the holidays.

Look Before Using Lights

Look over your holiday decorations before using them. Examine the wiring, cord and plug of the lights. Make sure there are not any frays or loose wires, as these could cause electrocution, sparking or a fire. Avoid extension cords whenever possible, and do not connect more than three separate strings of lights together. Unplug the lights when they are not in use. Only use UL approved lights and other electric decorations. Use lights that have been approved by the manufacturer for outdoor use on the outside of your building. Indoor lights cannot tolerate outdoor weather conditions.

Christmas Tree Safety

If you are setting up a live Christmas tree in your lobby or conference room, check it daily to make sure it has enough water. Place the Christmas tree out of the way of traffic. The tree should not be located near any sources of heat or open flames.


Traditional candles are beautiful, but they are one of the riskiest decorations to use during the holiday season. Instead of regular candles, opt for laser light displays or projectors. You could also try LED lighted candles, which plug into the wall, stay cool and shine in white or the color of your choice. If you must use regular candles, employ non-flammable holders and place them on a level surface away from combustible materials.