How to Prevent Fires in a Commercial Kitchen

A small fire that breaks out in a commercial kitchen can leave the restaurant closed for weeks and leave you facing costly repair bills. Learn how you can prevent those fires from breaking out in your kitchen.

Preventing Fires in Restaurant Kitchens

Even the smallest of commercial kitchens can churn out dozens of dishes during a single lunch or dinner rush. The truth is that the more food you sell, the more profits you make. A small or large fire that breaks out can leave your kitchen in horrible shape and take weeks or even months to repair. Find out how you can prevent the risk of one of these fires breaking out in your kitchen.

Install Safety Features

The two most important things that any restaurant kitchen needs are a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector. If you look over the rules imposed by the health department in your area, you’ll likely see that the department requires that you have at least one of these items on hand in a convenient location. A smoke detector will automatically sound an alarm when it detects the presence of any type of smoke, which acts as an early warning sign of a fire. Having fire extinguishers around the kitchen lets your employees put out smaller fires. Make sure that you work with them and that they know how to use those extinguishers before a fire breaks out.

Clean Your Hoods

The hoods used in a commercial kitchen serve an important purpose. Those hoods are what pushes exhaust fumes and smoke out of the room. Grease built up inside the hoods and other types of debris inside can actually ignite and lead to a fire. Professional hood cleaning Las Vegas companies can come in and clean those hoods at night after your employees go home or first thing in the morning before they arrive. Schedule regular cleaning to reduce your risk of a fire starting in the hoods.

Protect Your Restaurant Investment

Buying fire extinguishers, arranging for hood cleaning and installing smoke detectors help prevent fires and protect your investment too. Keep your kitchen safe and reduce your risk of paying for expensive fire damage repairs later.