Clean Your Hood and 6 Other Ways to Prevent Restaurant Fires

Restaurant fires can potentially be very serious, and could lead to extensive property damage and even loss of life. As a restaurant owner you naturally want to do everything possible to prevent a fire breaking out. Here are some of the best ways to ensure a safe kitchen environment in your restaurant. 1. Clean your hood restaurant kitchen Image courtesy of tup wanders If you don’t clean out your hood regularly, grease will accumulate inside and cause an extreme fire hazard. Having your hood inspected and cleaned regularly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. 2. Store flammables properly It may sound obvious, but don’t store flammable supplies anywhere near a heat source such as an oven or stove. Have a designated storage space for these supplies, and make sure they’re always put back where they’re supposed to be after they’re used. 3. Clean the kitchen A clean restaurant kitchen Image courtesy of Dana Moos Just as grease buildup in your hood can cause fires, so can grease that builds up anywhere in your kitchen. Make sure your cooking surfaces, floors, and storage areas are cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day. 4. Perform regular maintenance If your kitchen and equipment aren’t in good condition, it’s much more likely that a small fire will spread and become a serious problem. Regular maintenance and repairs are essential for any restaurant kitchen, both to keep things running smoothly and for the safety of your employees and customers. 5. Avoid crowding Workers in the kitchen Image courtesy of Alpha The more clutter that’s in your kitchen, the more likely it is that something will catch fire. In addition, having too much stuff can restrict access to fire exits. Keep your restaurant kitchen as uncluttered as possible, and limit the number of people in the kitchen at any time. 6. Check fire extinguishers Having fire extinguishers in restaurant kitchens is required by law, but they won’t don’t do you any good if they don’t work. Have them tested regularly, and make sure all employees know how to use it. Looking for a hood cleaning company to help keep your restaurant kitchen up and running? Call Western Commercial Services at (702) 384-7907 to schedule a cleaning today!