Carbon Fiber Hood Cleaning Tips

It’s important to know how to get the best results and avoid water spots when cleaning carbon fiber hoods.

How to Clean a Carbon Fiber Hood

Carbon fiber has a reputation for being lightweight and extremely durable. Many custom cars come with carbon fiber hoods. The attractive weave of carbon fiber makes it a popular material for making other car parts as well. Although cleaning a carbon fiber hood is not as difficult as cleaning any other surface of a car, you need to follow the correct procedure to get the best results.

Weekly Cleaning

Park the car in a shaded area so that you do not get water spots. Next, thoroughly clean off any surface dirt with a hose. After that, pour a capful of car wash soap into a bucket and fill the bucket with pressurized water from a hose. This helps to create suds for rinsing off the hood. Once you have filled the bucket, dip a soft sponge into the soap and water solution and allow it to absorb the solution. Remove the sponge from the solution and use it to rub the surface of the hood, making sure you wipe off the entire hood area. Then, rinse off the hood with low pressure water from a hose. Finally, use a wash-leather to dry off the hood, making sure you squeeze it out frequently to get rid of all water spots from the hood.

Annual Cleaning

Annual hood cleaning in Las Vegas follows almost the same process as the weekly cleaning. First, spray an automotive hood cleaning solution on the surface of the hood. Next, wipe the hood clean with a microfiber towel, turning it frequently to avoid smears. Then, this is one of the most important hood cleaning steps, especially when cleaning the carbon fiber hood between washes. Lastly, spray liquid car waxes onto a foam applicator pad and use it to wipe the carbon fiber hood in a circular motion. This helps to provide the surface of the carbon fiber hood with a protective layer. Reapply the wax after 2 to 4 months.