The Benefits of Changing Hood Filters

It is vital that restaurants and commercial kitchens take proper care of their hoods. This is so important because hoods suck out the exhaust and end up trapping grease, which can cause a fire. Changing the filters and regular hood cleaning will help to ensure your kitchen remains safe and clean. There are many reasons to regularly swap out the hood filters in your kitchen. Here are some of the benefits of changing your hood filters.

Effective removal of smoke

New or clean filters will help smoke pass through the hood easier. When your hood filters get old, they can cause smoke to remain in the kitchen, which can be very dangerous. Without the effective removal of smoke, you can run into all types of issues.

Keeps dirty oil out of food

Your food is your livelihood and it needs to be protected at all costs. When grease from the hoods drips into edible materials, the food will not taste nearly as good and can cause severe health issues. Regular hood cleaning will help, but changing the filters is also necessary.

Avoid grease build up

If your filters are not doing the job they are intended to do, you may see grease begin to build up in your kitchen and canopy. This can cause many issues in your kitchen and may even become a fire hazard.

Help keep fire out of the exhaust duct

Kitchen equipment can catch on fire in seconds. If the filters are clean, you won’t need to worry about fire passing through to the duct system as easily. Filters that are full of grease can effortlessly catch on fire and cause even bigger issues.

Avoid sinks getting backed up

When you try to clean hood filters on your own, it can cause the dishwasher or the sinks to become blocked. The grease will build up in the drains and cause a variety of problems. By exchanging the filters or having someone clean them for you, this won’t be an issue. There are many good reasons to keep your hood filters clean and to replace them regularly. Often, these types of filters can be exchanged or you can hire a professional to clean them as a part of a hood cleaning service. This is necessary to remain fire safe and to keep your business running smoothly.