Benefits of a Professional Commercial Kitchen Flame Suppression System

Professional and commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels and catering centers are at an increased risk of fires due to multiple sources of heat and flames. A professional grade suppression system can help to lessen the risk of fire and confers many other benefits to the business as well.

Reasons to Install a Suppression System in Your Commercial Kitchen

As the owner or manager of a hotel, restaurant or other business with a professional kitchen, you understand the critical importance of safety. Kitchens are at an increased risk of fire due to the multiple sources of heat and the open flames that are used in many popular cooking techniques. With a professionally installed fire suppression system, you can enjoy a greater level of safety as well as many other benefits in your place of work.

Improved Employee Safety

Workplaces must adhere to OSHA standards for safety, as well as state and local ordinances that have been enacted to help ensure that workers are protected while on the job. A suppression system for fires can help to increase the safety of your staff as they work in a commercial kitchen. The suppression system would be able to put out flames before they could spread, which would give the members of your staff enough time to escape the area.

Lower Insurance Costs

Installation of a suppression system for fires may help to lower your insurance costs. This type of system is more extensive than a basic sprinkler system, and has a lower tolerance for smoke and heat buildup. With the lowered cost of your insurance rates, a suppression system may pay for itself in just a few years.

Greater Peace of Mind

Having a suppression system in place may bring you a greater peace of mind. Your business is not just the place where you earn a paycheck and help your employees to earn a living, but it is also your livelihood. Protecting the place where you do your life’s work can help you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself during your time at home, because you will know that your investment is being protected by the system even when you are not there.