Air Duct Cleaning

Most companies will tell you that you need you need to schedule your air duct cleaning as routinely as possible, but regular air duct services may not be necessary. There is no strong evidence that shows that air duct cleaning on its own has a huge impact on the preserving energy in your home or business. However, if your home or business suffers from issues like mold or pests, than it is vital that you have your air ducts serviced. If your air ducts show a gross amount of dust or debris than those particles will be released into your home from your supply register. Mold that grows inside of air ducts can be extremely dangerous. Mold can be toxic and inhalation is the main way people encounter toxic molds. It’s incredibly important that you seek the assistance of a professional air duct cleaner if you find your home under these conditions. Insulated air ducts run a high risk for the insulation getting wet and moldy and should be removed and replaced regularly. If the conditions that promote mold growth are not corrected the mold growth will continue to recur continuously.

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Most air duct cleaning services will clean air ducts using an air compressor, a large vacuum, a large vacuum hose, air whips, and air hoses that aid in dislodging debris in the ducs. After the debris is dislodged the large vacuum hose is used to suck out the debris. A proper air duct cleaning should include the registers, the air ducts, diffusers, grilles, drain pans, fan motors, and heating and cooling coils. It is vital that every component of the air duct system be cleaned to and the contaminates removed so the system can avoid being re-contaminated. The EPA currently recommends that air ducts be cleanes as needed, not routinely. It is usually recommend to keep the use of chemical biocides that are applied to the inside of air ducts to kill bacteria and other fungi to a minimum. Contaminants like Ozone are sometimes used instead of biocides. A light amount of dust in your air ducts is normal and doesn’t warrant the use of harsh chemicals to keep them clean. Preventing contaminated air ducts can be done by preventing dirt and water from entering into the duct system. High efficiency air filters and frequent changing are important in maintaining your air ducts. Your air conditioning cooling coils and drain pans cleaned and checked annually help to maintain your systems. Keeping your carpet clean with a HEPA filter vacuum also aid in keeping contaminants out of your air duct systems.