4 Ways to Ensure Your Restaurant Passes Fire Safety Inspection

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, nearly 8,000 restaurants reported structure fires between 2006-2010. Restaurant fires cause about $246 million in direct property damage annually. A fire in your establishment could cause you to shut your doors either temporarily or permanently. An actual fire is not the only thing that could cause your restaurant to close. A failed fire safety inspection could also potentially cause your restaurant to shut down. Here are 4 ways you can make sure your kitchen is ready for a fire safety inspection.

1. Install/check automatic fire suppression system

Chances are, you already have one of these in your restaurant kitchen. These systems are designed to dispense chemicals, in the case of a fire, which will suppress the flames. These systems will hopefully prevent any fire from spreading to further areas, and causing more damage. These systems should be professionally inspected semiannually.

2. Fire extinguisher maintenance

Class K extinguishers are intended solely for grease, fats or oils which tend to burn at  a very high temperature. This type of extinguisher should be readily available throughout your kitchen, but should only be used if your automatic fire suppression system is unable to contain the flames. Class ABC extinguishers, which are used for all other fires, should be easily accessible throughout your restaurant. Make sure you have enough of each type and that they are both charged and tagged to reflect recent service.

3. Schedule regular hood cleanings

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 57 percent of restaurant fires are caused by kitchen equipment. This is why it is important to schedule regular professional hood cleaning. Proper hood cleaning entails much more than power washing visible areas. Professionals can make sure that there is no excess grease, which could cause a fire, build up in hidden areas of your exhaust system. You should have your exhaust system inspected by a professional quarterly for high-volume, semiannually for moderate volume and monthly for solid fuel.

4. Schedule electrical maintenance

Although electrical fires cause only 7 percent of restaurant fires, it is still important to have these systems inspected regularly. If there are any exposed or frayed wires, it is highly likely you will fail your inspection. Another electrical aspect to be aware of are broken or cracked switch plates, which have the potential to catch fire if not repaired promptly. Another thing your inspector will be looking for is combustible or flammable items located near power sources. All breakers or power sources should be kept completely clear as these are at risk for catching fire. Fire safety inspections are meant to protect your restaurant, your employees, and your guests from unnecessary danger. If your are in need of professional exhaust, UV hood or air cleaning, call the experts from Western Commercial Services at (702) 384-7907 today.