4 Items You Wouldn’t Think Need Refrigeration

Some items need to be kept out in the open; others, not so much. Store these items in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain their freshness and flavor and also extend their longevity–ultimately saving you time and money! 1) Spices Spices will last longer and keep their flavor if stored properly in a cold, dark place. The best solution for storing spices to retain their full potency is to place them in sealed containers and in the freezer. This will keep them fresh and ideal for use in soups, curries, pasta dishes, and other culinary delights that require a little additional seasoning.   2) Breads The bottom line is that breads stored in a refrigerator will stay edible for a much longer period of time without taking on mold. Freezing will not affect the texture of the bread either and will prevent it from going dry or stale before use. 3) Flowers Have you ever gone to a flower shop and noticed that the florists store all of their arrangements in refrigerators? The reason for this is that it serves to slow down the blooms’ development and prevents moisture loss.   4) Flour/Cornmeal/Nuts/Seeds Properly storing flour, cornmeal, nuts, and seeds in a sealed container in the refrigerator or freezer will keep them fresher and help them retain their original texture and flavor.   The best way to keep these foods fresh and preserved is to keep your refrigerator and freezer running at peak performance. Western Commercial Services is the top pick when it comes to commercial and industrial refrigeration services since 1955. Contact us today for more information!