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When it comes to restaurant hood cleaners in Las Vegas businesses can count on Western Commercial, the best for many reasons. From satisfied employees to superior practices, we have what is needed to keep your equipment in great condition and your business in compliance.

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Exhaust Cleaning is Important Over time, ventilation hoods in commercial kitchens accumulate grease and other flammable particulate matter. This is not only unsightly but also costs your business money because the buildup forces the ventilation fans to work harder. Since this buildup is flammable, regular cleaning is also required by the State of Nevada. Below are some of the advantages of choosing Western Commercial to perform these services. Our Workers Our employees receive the best pay in the field and are specially trained at our facility so you never have to worry about new workers making a mess of your kitchen. Our workers receive excellent benefits and confidently wear our uniform when they are on the job. Because we are proud of what we do, all our vehicles are clearly marked so everybody knows where service is being performed by the best in southern Nevada. On The Job You can rest assured that Western Commercial will leave your kitchen cleaner than when we arrived, because our team uses our own specially designed plastic shielding to protect your kitchen from being soiled during cleaning. On the job, we use only the highest quality, clearly marked cleaning products, and our use of these products is always at a professional level because our employees are certified by OSHA. The Extra Mile Some restaurant hood cleaners fail to thoroughly clean the ducting on a job site. You can always count on Western Commercial to go far beyond standard steam cleaning or pressure spraying, which is insufficient for some sections of type 1 exhaust systems. Our team always cleans your ducting by hand to make sure everything is completely clean, and we never finish the job without taking pictures that show the job is complete. When we finish cleaning your ventilation hoods, you can be totally confident that you are operating in compliance with local laws. As you can see, Western Commercial provides local businesses with restaurant hood cleaners Las Vegas can depend on. With professional staff, efficient operations, and high quality cleaning materials, we are sure you will be very satisfied with our services.

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