Restaurant Ductwork In Las Vegas

Do you need restaurant ductwork in Las Vegas? Western Commercial Services is experienced at cleaning grease from ducts, hoods and fans. We have been servicing the finest restaurants and resorts since 1955. Why Clean the Ductwork? There are several reasons why you need your restaurant’s ductwork cleaned. The first and most important reason is that over time grease builds up inside the ductwork and can be a fire hazard. Actually, if you have a Type I Exhaust System the State of Nevada requires that it be cleaned. When grease builds up it can ignite. Since it spreads through the duct it is difficult for the fire department to get to and control. As the fire spreads through the ducts it ignites other material along the way. When the grease and oil are removed from the ductwork the fuel that a fire needs is gone. When the grease is allowed to build up it can lead to a flash fire. Vapors of grease and carbon monoxide can develop and harm bystanders and fire fighters. The business can be destroyed by the fire. Other reasons to have the ductwork cleaned are that we can inspect the system for any problems and prevent cook line downtime. It is not uncommon to find leaks or worn fan belts. Clean ducts also allow for proper air flow. Routine inspections and cleaning are required by health departments, insurance companies, fire inspectors and local, state, and federal laws. What to Expect We take special care to protect and cover the kitchen with new plastic sheeting layers and funnels. This ensures that the kitchen, counter tops, appliances, floor and anything else is kept clean. The kitchen will be left cleaner than we found it. Grease is removed from the complete duct system. The entire duct system and fans are inspected for any problems. We are licensed, insured and certified to remove grease from hoods, fans and ducts. Clients cannot see inside the full length of their ductwork. We clean and photograph the entire ductwork system. Our photography will show you the before and after color pictures. We even provide a historical archiving service of our photographs. You can be assured that NFPA 96 Standards have been followed. You can trust Western Commercial Services to professionally clean restaurant ductwork Las Vegas. We have the finest services and technicians in the State of Nevada.
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