Kitchen Exhaust Las Vegas

Ventilation hoods in restaurant kitchens are designed to remove cooking smells and grease from the kitchen, but over time, much of the grease pulled from the hood builds up on the walls of the duct system. In some places the build up is so severe that fire sprinkler heads are completely blocked. Trapped grease may also cause a fire if enough heat reaches the exhaust system. If you have a Las Vegas restaurant or resort, you are required to have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned. We at Western Commercial Services clean your kitchen exhaust in Las Vegas to help you comply with local regulations and make your restaurant or resort kitchen safer and cleaner. Not all kitchen exhaust Las Vegas cleaning services have the same standards. We take before and after photos of your entire exhaust system to prove to you that our technicians did the job completely and correctly. These pictures provide you with evidence of a job well done and let you see the real difference our exhaust system cleaning made. We also take care to ensure that everything in your kitchen is completely covered while we clean the exhaust system. This prevents the removed grease from contaminating the rest of your facility. When we clean out your hoods, vents, fans and duct work, you get a clean system that more efficiently moves exhaust from your kitchen and out of the building. Dirty ducts are more likely to trap grease and other particulate matter on the sides, increasing the buildup problem. After we take care of your kitchen exhaust system, it will perform more effectively at getting grease and cooking odors out of the kitchen. Grease and excessive heat do not mix, but the heat source being vented by the exhaust system can cause duct fires, if there is anything flammable inside the system. Clean ventilation systems do not pose the fire hazard dirty ones do. This is one of the reasons behind local regulations for regular exhaust system cleaning. To keep your restaurant or resort kitchen in compliance with kitchen exhaust Las Vegas cleaning regulations, call us at Western Commercial Services. We can get rid of the grease in your ventilation system to make it run better and make your kitchen safer. Las Vegas duct cleaning experts at Western Commercial can help you today! (702) 384-7907