Western Commercial Services: Hood Cleaning In Las Vegas

We, at Western Commercial Services understand how essential air quality is to your establishment’s kitchen, which is why we offer the best UV hood cleaning services in Las Vegas. If you’ve made the investment in a UV hood system, regular maintenance by a qualified technician is essential to your business.

Why Is Routine Maintenance So Important?

Regular maintenance of hood systems is crucial due to the complicated, sensitive interlocks they feature. Without regular maintenance, these systems can easily break down, resulting in costly repairs, fire hazards, and other safety issues. Improper care puts your staff and guests at risk, so allow us to design a custom maintenance plan that meets your system’s needs.  

Why We’re The Best

In addition to working with an experienced, knowledgeable staff, we only use the best products and tools to keep your hood system functioning properly. Our team uses the highest-quality water wash hood soap in the industry, Gaylord G-510, and we are the only distributor of this product in Nevada. Our industry credentials are extensive, and include:
  • Certification from Firemaster, a leading creator of quality fire protection products.
  • Certification from Caddy, one of the country’s foremost kitchen ventilation system designers.
  • SmogHog certification–we can repair and install institutional wet particle air filtration systems.
  • Ventmaster — these leading air-flow systems can be installed and repaired by our highly trained technicians.
  • And more!

Keep your kitchen a safe place to work! Contact us today to learn more about our hood cleaning services in Las Vegas.